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Be wary of pointless.

Awful. Just awful spell.
Quite good in pvp or aginst large groups
It's pretty useful in fights like magus & co. Or rat avanguard
Used to be good on vanilla ds2 on ps3 but then got nerfed to the ground
It's situationally good in PVE. The giants in the gulch, the drake, and other big enemies and crowds it does some pretty good work.
Horrible spell. Numerous recommendations for large enemies, however, Staff of Wisdom +1 and INT of 51 it did 30 points of damage against Old Iron King.
More useful as visual cover for other spells then by itself in PvP. In PvE it is good to clear space as its multi-hit nature stuns regular enemies so that you can get some breathing space againts ganking encounters.
Frozen Orb
This spell is excellent against large enemies, the Drake at Dragons Aerie get melted by this with few casts. Also Enemies moving away from you will get hit a lot of times too.
Niche spell, but handy in the right spot. Does a little less damage than a Heavy Soul Arrow overall, and a piercing Soul Spear does more damage, but when enemies don't line up properly this can be a good way to injure an incoming cluster of mobs. In PvP, this can be a good wake-up spell against someone who's been backstabbed or pancaked by Shockwave; forces them to dodge and still get hit, while also winding up a follow-up spell.