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By Anonymous
this + smoughs hammer = ultimate vision obscuration
By Anonymous
haha spoonman
By Anonymous
all my friends are skeletons
By Anonymous
Why am i an ampule
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Mother, did it need to be so high?
By Anonymous
Dom't laugh
By Anonymous
Sad how much they shrunk the crown in the later games, I miss my gargantuan 8ft tall funny peanut hat that was bigger than my entire body that obscured parts of my vision with how ridiculously huge it was.
By Anonymous
award for goofiest ahh armour
By Anonymous
Funny armour
By Yaraak
This, my sir, is actually "the" anti-twink armor for a twink sunbro, since it is both late game enough to be intimidating, looks bizzare and cool for new players who may summon you, and is very good vs dark bead since it has high magic and normal resists while being rather lightweight