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The crown looks so stupid.I cracked up when I saw his armor
Banana boi
0 poise ? wtf
That headpiece throws off your center of gravity too much. I'm surprised From didn't make it subtract poise.


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mEmE cRoWn Xd
the crown looks like your character got a balloon stuck on their head and just never got around to getting it off
I am just going to be using the crown just for the meme
Dat armour set through, DAT ARMOR though eheheheh!!!!...... From it's hard to take things seriously when my man is wearing a F%^in balloon/Spring onion, or whatever on there head.... it time for the memes to stop!!!!
Whu does this armor have to be so terrible? It looks so supple!
It has great elemental deffence and the waistcloth has great deffence to weight ration and usually if i have a build that has over 53 poise without needing the hollow soldier waistcloth i use this
Finaly, an armour set that makes me look like I have a massive tumor on my head!
It's naht a tumah