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By Anonymous
Playing remastered first time and got to Blighttown swamp and next to a column found a person sitting by where I picked up a lost soul. Quelaag? Sold me pyromancer spells. When looking up what was around the area everyone was talking about her being a boss and half spider? Homed out to use the fire soul so I will have to go back to see if she is still there and if I got the name wrong. Pillar at the top closest to the wall where Mildred invader was fought.
By Anonymous
Quelana ... she sells better pyromancies and ascends your pyro flame.
By Anonymous
No lags for PC MASTERRACE!!! 165hz baby! 1440p eye candy. Sucks to be console peasant...
By Anonymous
Cool i guess?
By Anonymous
This guy thinks its 2012
By Anonymous
ngl. overrated zone. demon souls had a better blight town, actually made me die inside. This one you can literally just walk past everything to the bottom and the bottom has literally 0 threat of killing you. If there were more town at the bottom I think it'd be a lot better.
By Anonymous
I'm guessing you used the shortcut and didn't go through Blighttown proper.
By Anonymous
This article makes it sound as if there were three entrances to Blighttown while there are only two: Valley of drakes (via Root Basin Elevator or Londo Elevator) and The Depths.

Apart from this some very general critique: A Wiki-Site should not give any 'advice' let alone 'solutions' how to play the game but only clarify all of those cryptic items, maybe the enemy types, and locations.
Or at least 'advice' or 'tutorials' should be separated so user CAN get solutions if he/she is interested. Maybe split up these two kinds of information ?
By Anonymous
"There is another concrete structure behind this one where you will find a Great Club and two Infested Barbarians protecting it"
Link to infested barbarians leads to "" instead of "" (notice lack of s at the end) and causes 404
By Anonymous
I'm currently by the fog gate to Quelagg (I think) but I can't enter it, and homeward bones are disabled. Idk why.
By Anonymous
you got invaded
By Anonymous
The beginning of this area is actually really well designed... Then the red dogs show up and everything goes downhill from there.
By Anonymous
If you had doubts before, after Blighttown you will know for sure, that this game is designed by masochists.
By Anonymous
if it's your first playthrough just skip it, it's not worth it
By Anonymous
Nah, Blighttown is where the memories are made.
By Anonymous
Lol, after getting through this hellhole in my first playthrough, I was so disgusted when I found out I could have skipped it using the Master Key. Played through it one more time when the remastered version came out. Still terrible.
By Anonymous
on my first playthrough i did it normary without the master key trick and i had a bad time i dont do it normaly anymore
By Anonymous
I have the master key but decided to go through it anyway.
By Anonymous
The FPS issue was fixed in the remaster (and dsfix existed long before that), so it's kinda sad seeing such a well-designed are getting so much hate because of some stupid memes
By Anonymous
I can see where you're coming from, but this area is still pretty painful to get through. It's too dark, I can never tell where I'm going, the blowdart dudes piss me off, and don't even get me started on those dogs. It's such a waste too because the visual design on this place is phenomenal.
By Anonymous
I love the game been playing it since it first came out and recently rebought ds1 remastered
Its probably cause most of the People *****ing here started playing souls games from bloodborn/sekiro
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