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"Blighttown is a rather lengthy, hard, *****ing ruthless, and dark area" That description.
That's what people new to Dark Souls say about Dark Souls, not just Blighttown alone, which is the biggest*****hole ever, I hated it originally, it's much better in the Remaster without the 15 frames per 6 hours, but it's still a*****hole nonetheless
is there a way to not kill quelaag and just help her sister
Late response but there is a way, thought it requires the use of a difficult to perform bug that might be patched already. There's a bug that let's you skip Queelag entirely, here's a video on how to perform it
Without exploiting whatever bug the previous respondent says exists, the answer is no. But you can kind of do both by joining the Chaos Servant covenant and feeding her sister humanity until she starts to feel better. That appears to be what Quelaag was doing, taking humanity from undead seeking the bell of awakening and giving it to her. If you can get your hands on the old witch's ring you'll be able to tell from her dialogue when the sister is feeling better. It might be at 30 humanity, when you reach rank 2 of the covenant. Though, I usually don't talk to her because she just thinks you're Quelaag and the things she says are SUPER SAD OMG NOW I'M CRYING WHY.
Cheat Engine is the way
I hope that, in the Remastered edition, they fix the technical problems in this godforsaken pit of misery. Keep the challenge, just fix the 5 frames per minute. I don't ask for much.
Dat abdomen!-Dark Sauce
You don't have to kill turus if you have the master key you can go there at the begining
Anyone else being driven absolutely crazy by the constant shifting in lighting in the scaffolding at the top half of the level? I keep dying trying to cross a narrow plank that randomly darkens halfway through and drops me to my death. The worst part is, I can't even tell if this is the right way to go.
I was confused on what was going on, so i ended up somehow dropping straight to the bonfire. This place was really confusing for me.