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It´s should be scaled by pyrokinetic too because slug uses fire spells shouldn´t it ?
Maybe it should but it doesn't. It's still surprising tough and strong though.
It scales off the slug's pyrokinetic, not yours
same with any summon
their stats determine the strength of their abilities, and your level and summoning determine their stats
that's made to enchant summoning tree, wich includes only 1 good summon for the whole tree
note: if you summon this, then incarnate, this will be desummoned. I'm sure the rest of you already know this, but for my pyrokineticist who only dipped summoning to help with map coverage, I was really disappointed when I learned I could only have one summon out per character
This gets Cloak and Dagger with Shadow Infusion, not Daggers Drawn.
Base fire slug has Laser Ray and Battering Ram, using Battering Ram also creates a very thicc line of fire in the path of its charge, and it (moderately) heals itself on its own fiery slime trail.
After the gift bag upgrades, the fire sluf+pyrokinetic heavy armor summoner became the most balls-to-the-walls build in the game.

1. Get Summoning to max
2. Get some pyrokinetic
3. Get Summon Fire Slug+Necrofire Infusion
4. Buff the slug.

Seriously. The last fight went without second phase because the fire slug did around 4k with Epidemic of Fire.
Even with 0 in Summoning the slug does damage on par with my level 10 summoner's incarnate and bone widow. Hit points and armor are decent too. Pets intel and thus damage seems to be more based on the casters intel and level then summoning level. Only drawback is that it only last for 5 rounds instead of 10. Would probably be very tanky with points in summoning.
Very rarely u can get this in act 1 by killing slane the dragon.