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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

glad i visited this page.. saved me from spending more hours trying to get to arm pieces.
me too bro i spent hours tring to drop it...
The mask of this set is so sick looking. It fits well on a variety of body pieces.
Don't you mean edgy?
How about with Chester's set? Been thinking of mixing this hood with his set for my Pyromancer.
i wish the shadowing went thru out the whole hood and it didn't show your chin
I tried for hour to drop the set and the day after i looted all 3 set pieces on the same run lol (all but the gauntlet the reason why i opened this page to check if those exist)
I didn't know this set existed. I was going through ng+++ and in one run i got all 3 pieces. Was surprised to learn of it, came on here to see if gauntlets came as part of set. Nice little surprise, nice looking armour set
worth farming?
Only for fashion or completionism. Plenty of things outclass it.
Only the hood