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Any information on monster HP scaling from single player to multiplayer?

1 player = 100% monster hp
2 players = ???% monster hp
3 players = ???% monster hp
4 players = ???% monster hp
1 player = 100% hp
2-4 players = 250% hp, basically 3+ people make the kill faster assuming they aren't potatoes
There is only one instance of scaling, when more than one player is in the quest. It brings the monster's HP to about 220% of the original.
is there going to be a PVP arena added to the game at some time?
There will not be PvP.
That would go against the design philosophy of Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter has always had multiplayer capabilities, and in 15 years of games, there's never been PvP.
Hope to god no... it would ruin the game. It’s fine at it is.
That’s a horrible idea
>hunters can't run very fast.
>bows and bow guns exist.


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Is there any way to give friends items?
There is not, don´t trying to sound mean but if you want something you better work for it
You can trade consumables inside a mission by going to your item pouch and there is a "give" option once you select the item.
"Whilst [multiplayer is] completely optional" This is such a lie. Some monsters, like the Behemoth and Ancient Leshen, are designed for a team of four and do not scale up when multiple people join the hunt. Meaning they have the same amount of HP if you're alone. The "Multiplayer scaling" section also makes it pretty clear that the game is designed to make it easier if you're bringing people along. HP x2.2 VS DPS x4. I love the entire series to bits, but honestly, as someone with very few friends, this makes the game so much less appealing.
I managed to beat the whole game plus the new ice dlc without ever playing with anyone else? It’s definitely possible
You'r pist makes no sense. The game is made to increase the hardness with more players. You can solo the whole game easy. Without palico even more so since monster will not randomly target other players. If you have trouble soling game, then thats ion you.
Any info on the new 2-player scaling?
These comments are wrong. Read article here from IGN and Capcom. Basically there is no scale for 1 player, 2 players gives a bit more hp and difficulty, and 3-4 players are max difficulty and HP. 3 players are at a disadvantage a bit since you lose your palicos and still have to deal the same damage as a 4 person team and take hits just as hard. If all 3 players are not too terrible it can be dome though.
"If the amount of players drops back down to 1 in a hunt that was multiplayer at one time, the monster HP will not reduce back to normal." this is no longer a thing. the monster will now scale down if you lose players in a quest Proof:
Don't read any thing posted below or above this comment. Every things posted is sad and confusing. The game is easy as ***** solo. Each player added will increase the hardness. You just may not notice it since you get player spamming attacks. But you will notice most of the monsters solo can and will take far less time to hunt then in mulit player. Same for the big hunts made with more players in mind. Only a few hunts will be truly hard til you better understand the game and find their weakness. Just work on finding ways to damage and evade tank fights. Game is player knowledge based. No exp levels, just gear and knowledge. So don't be lazy and just learn what works from playing. Good Luck.


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I get the sentiment, but some people just like playing with others, or are sick of grinding a monster they can already beat. Be it with friends or randos, playing together can be pretty fun.
i dont think so, as the monster gets stronger, the party dps also grows. Also some monsters may give you a chalange even solo
Here's how it works (*you can check it yourself, by using an overlay):
SINGLE-PLAYER: 100% monster HP
TWO-PLAYER co-op 150% monster HP
THREE / FOUR-PLAYER co-op: 220~260% monster HP (*depending on monster)

• The HP does NOT drop back when players leave a co-op -- making players leaving / lagging out early in a three-plus player team, very annoying for the sap left alone (best to quit and restart versus monsters like Behemoth and Kulve)
• The Palicoes DO return after players leave / lag out
• Two-player co-op is effectively the easiest, because it's only 50% more HP in toto (25% more for each player), and two Palicoes -- i.e., effectively a four-player set-up, especially if the Palicoes have decoys, because the monsters cannot aggro a single player / stop players from continuously dealing damage