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Does this effect stamina damage or poise damage?
The in-game description for Lorian's Greatsword lists it as standard damage, not strike
Forgot to put Caestus on the list of weapons which deal strike damage.


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Inconsistency. Vordt's page mentions that he is weak to Strike, but here he is mentioned as being resistant to it.
Very important to get this corrected so poor skeletons won't die for hours against the impossibly difficult Vordt.
A lot of the armored "resistant to strike" enemies listed here are actually relatively weak to strike compared to other physical damage types. Most of the enemies that are truly resistant to strike barely are, since they tend to be soft, fleshy enemies that are easy to kill with just about anything.
Gael gs does strike damage too
Broken link on "Executioners greatsword" typo -> Current: Actual : Typo = "Greatword" vs "Greatsword"
Does the pyromancy boulder heave count as strike damage?
In game and here it says that strike damage is good against heavily armored foes, while listing most of the "knight" foes in the resistant section... which is it?