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By Anonymous
Oswald of Carim sells them for 4,000 pre patch
By Anonymous
I quit
By Anonymous
Never mind, gonna Murder some ghosts
By Anonymous
somebody ring the stupid mechanic bell
By Anonymous
I am new player and some ****** just came into my world, lit me up like a ******* bonfire, gave me like 60 humanity in the space of a few seconds while i was unable to move and then i instantly died and re spawned with half health and this curse *******. very nice mechanic when other players can give it to you, very nice indeed.
By r0nan
Playing on PC? Sounds like a hacker.
By Anonymous
Your lucky they didnt give you 100 billion in every stat and infinite iframes and break all your ****
By Anonymous
Hello, New Player.
By Anonymous
other players cant curse you...
By Anonymous
Same as the guy below me, thankfully i was only to the undead burg bonfire. Just starting again offline till this mess gets sorted hopefully.
By Anonymous
Messages will be ordered by rating and therefore idk which message ur referring to , its better if u type it in his message so others know . You have to click the reply button on his message to type in it .
By Anonymous
curse without the capitalized C, good job...
By Anonymous
Shut the ***** up
By Anonymous
Hail Hittler !
By Anonymous
I hate the Basilisk, I did not know they did this. I hate the depths.