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By Anonymous
do they drop the red titanite chunks or not??!?!?! The red chunk page sais that the lizards have a small chance of dropping them, can someone pls answer?
By Anonymous
Just killed the ones in the Great Hollow and got two Red titanite Chunks
By Anonymous
There is a specific one in the Great Hollow which drops them. If you really need some, the Black Knights in Undead Asylum drop some, and you can trade with the Crow
By Anonymous
do they respawn or not?
By Anonymous
No. They are unique enemies and do NOT reappear, none of them.
By Sakerift
They do reappear if you don't kill them when you first run into them but they do NOT respawn after death.
By Anonymous
I killed all 10 great hollow lizards and got 4 freaking slabs
By Anonymous
They don't actually respawn. There must be a mistake.
By Anonymous
does item discovery increase the chance of getting extra shards?
By Anonymous
Yes it does , most important in the great hollow because you may get a titanite Slab from the last lizard you kill . Equip sliver serpent ring with 10 humanities . With 300 item discovery - chances are above 90%
By Anonymous
gold serpent ring*. Silver one is for more souls gain.
By Anonymous
bruh i a so stupid, i was at undead berg and hit the one before bull demon, i didnt know that one existed, so i got scared
By Anonymous
What ? Crystal lizard not respawn
By Anonymous
I absolutely love these cute things!
By Anonymous
so fkning cute man, i love them
By Anonymous
You shouldn't eat precious will get you killed!