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By Anonymous
The slab is nowhere near a 10-20% drop in the great hollow. I backed up a save file and running through an area that has 5 of them. I got 0 in approximately 15 min.
By Anonymous
I'm sorry about that, but this is also not how statistics work. A sample size of 5 does not in any shape or form have to represent the statistical distribution - after killing 50 or more you could slowly start having doubts, but with 5 lizards you could very reasonably just be unlucky.
By Anonymous
Feels like they vanish the moment you spot them.
By Anonymous
I just got 2 back to back titanite slab from those things at tree hollow, just wow
By Anonymous
I love how they drop 1 single soul
By Anonymous
A creature inspired by the Carbuncles of Chilote Mythology.

"Carbuncle is a legendary species of small animal in South American folklore, specifically in the mining folklore of northern Chile. The animal is said to contain riches of some sort; in some versions it is a precious stone that gives fortune and good luck to its owner."

"According to the myth, someone who sees the carbunclo may find treasures via the following careful steps: First, a lasso or similar objects is to be thrown towards the carbunclo as to trap it. The carbunclo will respond by vanishing along with the object."
- (Note: Additional steps for acquiring treasure here include: Having to dig a magic hole, and then have a crazy cat lady repeatedly throw a black cat into said hole. This somehow produces the treasure. IMO: FromSoft's idea works much better.)

"The mirror in the carbuncle's head is said to be akin to two lights observed by Spanish explorers in the Strait of Magellan. Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés identified these lights with the gemstones hidden in the brains of dragons."
By Anonymous
Why does it say "Yes" in the respawn category?? they don't respawn
By Anonymous
I have written a haiku of the Crystal lizard after much strife in the great hollow.

shiny frog is here
running fading it is gone
I got no rock, ****