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By Anonymous
If you're really fast and good at jumps, The Great Hollow has 14 Crystal Lizards. Most I've managed to kill on my pyro, 12 on knight. Tips: caves & ledges. Fog & Slumber rings add drop agro from some. Pre-break all twigs so they won't hear you, clear the hollow between bonfire and ladders. Dying and logging resets lizards. Don't die.
By Anonymous
Don't die casul
By Anonymous
what? theres 10, not 14, stop spreading false information you ****
By Anonymous
Anyone else having an issue not seeing the lizards in the burg?
By Anonymous
For DSR: It will only reappear once the crates and barrels are restored. Simply quitting the game or regular rest at the bonfire did NOT do the trick. You have to reload the zone e.g. this happened after you die.
By Anonymous
This page may need an edit. The Crystal Lizards DO NOT respawn.
By Anonymous
Yes they do it means if you don't kill it. You can come back for another try
By Anonymous
And with hostile they mean they will kill you if you underestimate them
By Anonymous
in great hollow
By Anonymous
They don't respawn when you kill them but they do respawn when they despawn
By Anonymous
Should be noted they can drop slabs and that 10 humanity+ cgs increases the frequency of rarer drops, tested in great hollow on multiple characters
By Anonymous
And they are not hostile
By Anonymous
yep got 2 slabs this morning in the great hollow from killing all the lizards
By Anonymous
They definitely got their revenge on Dark Souls 3 with those damn huge versions of them.
By Anonymous
which are just as easy to kill
By Anonymous
Don't forget the red ones in two
By Anonymous
they should have made ones that are a trap, so that when you kill it it drops a rubish but either leads you directly to your death, if not killing you outright, IDK if that's what the red ones do in DS2, never played sadly
By Anonymous
they go kabooom
By Anonymous
Okay so i just some how glitched the lizard in the catacombs tunnel with the spike statues. I missed it the first time, ran back to the bonfire thinking that would respawn it, nope. Had to relog. So i did and it came back but i missed it just barely. So i relog again however now theres two lizards? i managed to kill one of them but the other one escaped, reloged and 1 of the lizards respawned, so i proceeded to kill that one and got identical drops. Figured i would reloged again just to see if it would happen again, sadly not. But i have a feeling this could be a hell of an exploit if this can be repeated some how.
By Anonymous
There are actually two lizards in that corridor. One disappears fast and the other sticks around long enough to be killed. The one that disappears never gives you enough time to kill it, so try running up to where it spawns, then relogging. It should appear right in front of you when you log back in.
By Anonymous
On the 360 version of DS, I got a titanite Slab from the on in the Great Hollow
By Anonymous
Playing on PC, I also got a titanite Slab drop from one of the two Crystal Lizards that sit on a ledge above an area with three basilisks in the Great Hollow
By Anonymous
Me too
On PS4
By jeberi153
same here on the PS4 but I managed to get three within 5 minutes of each other
By Anonymous
I managed to get, get this, not one, not two, but three slabs from 3 different lizards in the great hollow, absolutely amazing luck, yay karma for those 11 hours trying to get the trident and the silver knight spear...
By Anonymous
I noticed that the lizards are either bugged, or there is a mechanic that they arent guarenteed to respawn on the next reload of you missed it. I've had to re-load/ homeward out sometimes 3 times before a lizard showed itself sometimes.
By Sakerift
Could be though I've only had this issue with bonfires. Exiting and going back into the savefile has always worked for me
By Anonymous
There is a specific spawn radius for lizards , if reloaded in that area - they will respawn but the lizards usually wander out of their spawn radius and if you spot them there and reload the game - they won't respawn .
Only way then is to rest at the bonfire/homeward and come back - try again
By Anonymous
Not exactly : reload the game until they appear in front of you as they have specific random spawning points.
By Anonymous
didn't know there were that many in the great hollow, but i'd probably rather die irl than f around in that place chasing lizards