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Where can you find this skillbook?
I think it can be bought from Vometia, a vendor in Luculla, found in the high priest’s office, and can be crafted with scroll+blank witchcraft skill book with 4 crafting. (I think. Either 4 or 5.)
Can be found in Leandras/ The High Priests Office. In the burning Mines next to the Spell you acquire for the main quest
Incredibly tanky and high-damage summon. Has decent saving throws and attack of opportunity. Immune to poison. Very good summon and worth putting 3 points into witchcraft alone if you ask me.
Straight up worse then 4 AP skeleton warrior. Saving throws don't matter on a summon, same level of HP, also immune to poison, 4 (!!) AP less of a cost, attack costs 1 less AP, starts the round with 15 AP which is insane. This one is better though if you summon before the fight which is cheesing.