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nigga thats not an enemy
He should at least be spared, hollow or not. It's almost as regretable as fighting Sif. I regret killing both him and Sif on my story. I will use his shield and treasure it as a momento of his death.
He must've come from oolacile his messages are in there guiding you through it
Yes, Oscar OF ASTORA is clearly from Oolacile (=
I want Oscar to impregnate me.
Can Undead reproduce? Your comment still scares the living hell out of me, but it raises some good questions.
Man, when I saw Oscar in that pose, the nut within my balls was ready to ejaculate at full force <3
yo what the *****
Oscar on Tilt
Upon my return to the Asylum, I was working my (wrong) way towards the Rusted Iron Ring - I think - and had the Black Knight on my tail. I managed to get back towards where the Iron Ball rolls into the wall and, of course, I died. As I went back to collect my souls, I noticed that Oscar wasn't there... He had died. From either the Iron Ball or the Black Knight attacking, or both. I still feel upset.