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I'm going to try to Platinum this game.


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Giant crowns and miniature are going to take the most time if they're as rare as some of the games. :D
WTF, CAPCOM?! On-line Trophies? SERIOUSLY! The crown ones I am fine with but needing PS+ for trophies I am NEVER fine with. =/
New to MH series? A major aspect of the games have always been the online functionality.
Grow up. People that cry over online trophies are thinking about gaming all wrong. The trophies are to challenge us and to ensure the game is being played the way the developers envisioned. If you expected the trophy list to not have online only, you don't know***** about MH
already got all achievements myself except the all gold large and gold mini i already have the 10 gold large and mini achievement if you want to get the all gold large and gold mini or even the platinum you will have to spend alot of time into gold crown searching only like me cuz silver crown will not do the job and gold is kinda rare i will probably end up with 300 hours or less when i will get that achievement myself while i am at almost 200 hours
what about arena quests? how did you finish 50? did you spam the same one?
oh the 50 arena quests i did every arena with all the differnt weapons since there are 9 quests and 5 different weapons i did all of them with a friend so i spammed the last 5 left over on kulu yaku with dual blades it includes flash pods and if you flash kulu yaku then it will be a punching bag for the rest of the fight and mostly will stand still the kulu yaku is one of the most easiest monsters in the game even easier then great jagres if you flash him so he is the perfect choise to do 50 arenas or just do it my way but that is my own preference
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Very useful
i'm almost there on crowns... just need big kirin and vaal...