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What element is this stupid ***** weak to? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.
Never mind. Finally beat him and checked the character directory, added it to the site as well.
You don't need to beat him to check his weaknesses. If you die to him, and branch out of the mission, you can see his entry in the amrita memories.
Fu****k narutards.
Daiba-washi is good cheese as usual, but it's not perfect on him. Dodge out of the way of his stupid **** kick as he gets up and waif ro the next opening, the faster casting mystic art is super useful for this. You'll have him dead in no time if you're careful.
Okay....if the Bloody Crow is hard what is this then? Titanium difficulty?
This? Hard?!
I let him swing and miss, Low-stance dodged in, did a square-triangle combo (Kick for Ki kill) . He dodges away. I follow, do it again. 3 times total and he's out of ki. Grapple, IAI as he's getting up, repeat. This took 3 cycles and he didn't hit me once?! Didn't even need to break out the Sloth talisman!
How ironic: he's very strong vs paralysis, but he can be paralyzed using his set and thanks to the "6 pieces bonus", that is Status Ailment Augmentation (Paralysis) +29,10% at full familiarity.
Sliding grapple hitbox is wonky af. I can dodge all his attacks but somehow the grab gets me 50% of time.
This boss isn't that hard, but you need to be careful with his cheap grapple attack. Block his projectiles and dodge his bombs jutsu. Buff yourself before entering the arena and don't hesitate to headshot him when he's far.
Use thrown weapons, he doesn't block them for some reason and eats the full damage. 21 kunais and 21 shurikens did the trick with a couple of ripostes.