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By Anonymous
not sure if anyone still cares but the notes and trivia here is just a copy/paste of Phalanx's
By Anonymous
Yeah I was wondering about that
By Anonymous
Doubt they care considering they didnt even have the explosion attack from her which was the most annoying one.
By Anonymous
@DemonSoulsMastee they're talking about when AS covers the ground in oil, then shoots a fireball igniting the ground in flames 'exploding' all around.
By Anonymous
worst boss ever
By Anonymous
Have you tried getting good?
By Anonymous
I agree with anon above me, Getting Gud is a really OP weapon that trivialises the game
By Anonymous
No more getting gud in souls games. There’s nothing to “get” if you’re “good”. I platinumed the original and have died 6 times against this thing. Fire might be more effective then the original would have suggested.. try that.
By Anonymous
Nah, this boss sucks. Spam at you unless you cheese it one way or another.
By Anonymous
I didn't do any research (first souls game) and started as a Soldier and had to melee the crap out of this boss... then I see all of these cheese range guides and now i'm going to reroll Royalty...
By Anonymous
You don't have to reroll anything, you can get the same spells/equipment on any class, starting class doesn't really matter much
By DemonsSoulsMaster
Yeah, all you have to do is grab a bow or the Storm Ruler if you’re feeling cheeky. You then hide inside that house towards the back, he shouldn’t be able to hit you and you can hit him as much as you want without fear of death.
By PongMaster
You can beat her with melee if you remember you’ll need to run all the way to the entrance to escape the fire lava.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
Well I am stupid. I thought this was the storm king page and I just gave crappy advice to everyone. Don’t look at my comments unless you’re actually fighting the storm king.
By Anonymous
Easy way to cheese is to get just outside of the range of the cross slash with magic. It will only use melee until the big spit up move so you can rack up damage fast
By Anonymous
The music on this fight is freaking bangers, sad that they butchered it in the remake
By Anonymous
Too much influence from the later games. I’ll never understand why developers think this stuff is necessary. Almost looking at demon’s souls as a game that needs to depend upon things from the others that came after and, you know, heavily borrowed from this game in the first place.
By The other ashen one
My 8 years old boy discovered a cheese in this fight. If you are having too many problems with this boss, halfway through the tunnel on the left side, there is a dent in the wall where you can be encased by the web but the fireball will hit you (it will hit the wall one meter ahead.)
By Anonymous
I love how almost every boss has some form of backstory, then there's just a giant spider vibing in the caves
By Anonymous
Giant enemy spider
By Anonymous
I've played every souls game, including bloodborneand Elden Ring, and fighting this guy on Ps5 makes me want to die. Literally the most frustrating boss ever