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Pretty sure this axe doesn't weigh 1.0
I think it's like 16.0 or 18.0
Little late here, but try 22.
Beating 2 a pulp!
Table here is claiming the Divine upgrade path scales with Int instead of Faith
dat feel when this drops off the Taurus boss when you're playing a Dex character



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In my DSR playthrough, a Demon's Greataxe had not yet dropped after defeating all of the Taurus Demons in Undead Burg & Demon Ruins, but the one guarding the stairs & entrance in Demon Ruins respawned when resting or returning to the bonfire, and I collected the Greataxe upon defeating him again.
I joined the Forest Hunter covenant just so I could buy this thing
I was lucky enough to have this thing drop from the Taurae Demon at the Burg
Divine shouldn’t scale with Int



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How does this thing perform for backstabs and/or repostes?
Decided to look into this as a replacement for the Greataxe, and instead got a great disappointment. This axe deals damage that is only a bit higher than the Greataxe, but is significantly heavier and consumes a huge amount of stamina. If you’re using the Greataxe and are thinking about switching to this, don’t. The greataxe is lighter, faster, and consumes less stamina, all while dealing nearly the same damage as the Demon Greataxe.
Why the downvotes tho? At 50 Str and 40 Dex the Greataxe +15 has an AR of 639, while the Demons Greataxe +15 has an AR of 659.
Consider my advice so you don’t waste a titanite slab on this piece of s••t like I did.
Dood its a pure strength weapon so it doesnt get anything from dex so ovcourse it will have similar AR with 40dex
This or the black knight great axe?
Black Knight Greataxe by far