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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Deals too little damage for 3 AP. Use this mainly for creating ice surfaces
damage is too low for 3 AP. Use mainly to create ice surfaces
Why does this cost 3 AP when the Pyrokinetic version of the spell costs 2 AP? Seems a bit odd.
This one does more damage with all stats equal, and can instantly freeze if you cast two shards on the same enemy (assuming their Magic Armor is down).
mainly because the pyro version does only damages when this one can make control crowd, even if you aim the ground, the effects are the same : burning ground do only damage when frozen ground can knock down you
An amazing control skill, very modular. Use 2 fans on same target to freeze them (Chill+Chill=Frozen) and use the remaining fan to chill another target. Or use in combination with Global Cooling to Freeze 3 targets very distant from each other in one turn (Global Cooling AoE Chill 1AP + Ice Fan 3 AP, one fan per target).

All of the above valid once Magical Armor has been broken.
Also, Ice Fan will allow you to set Chilled Status on a burning ennemy.
A regular "1 hit" Hydro Spell that would mention "Sets Chilled" if casted on a Burning enemy, would only reduce the Burning Status to Warm Status. But because Ice Fan is a "3 hits" spell, when casted on a Burning enemy, this will happen :
1. Chill replaced Burning by Warm
2. Chill replaced Warm by [Neutral]
3. Chill replaced [Neutral] by Chilled

Reminder : from coldest to hottest, hydro and pyro status effects are :
Frozen < Chilled/Wet < [Neutral] < Warm < Burning
Spells that "set Chilled" will make you go down this line (ignore Wet)
Spells that "set Wet" will make you go down this line until Wet (ignore Chilled and Frozen)
S[ells that "set Burning" will bump a Frozen to Wet, a Chilled/Wet to Warm, a [Neutral] to Burning.
Seems a bit bugged to me. I've shot all three shards at single enemies without armour (tried on enemies already chilled or "neutral") and they still end up only chilled. Shot a single shard on a chilled enemy and they turned frozen. Only bugged or is there some explanation?