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Maces and axes kind of suck :( They have a slow recovery time after failed attack. But when they connect they can have a decent recovery time(but not good). Swords are faster and agile, and great swords/hammer/axes have almost the same agility but with higher attack.
The least worst hammer would be the Mace(I havent testes the blasksmith hammers...)
The morning star works great as a divine weapon for clearing the catacombs. Skeletons are weak to striking weapons. Divine will hurt for more and keep them from reviving until you kill their necromancer. It also can be obtained, enchanted, and used very early in game. Meaning, it is found early, has low stat requirements, and the divine ember can be sought out early game. Just take it all to Andre, then the catacombs don't stand a chance!


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The Giant Blacksmith Hammer is one of the best weapons in the entire game.
Maces and axes are grear in this game. They do more damage and stun better than other similar weapons. They also usually scale pretty well with STR or FTH if you go divine/occult. Different weapons are good for different play styles or parts of the game.


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Have you tried using the Hand Axe? That thing is one of the best buff carriers in the game and attacks with the speed of a straight sword. Also the Giant Blacksmith hammer is not only bar none the best SL1 melee in the game but an incredible weapon in general. Maybe instead of saying that they suck as if it was a fact you could say something like "Is it just me or are hammers and axes kinda lacking in this game?". I'm just trying to make sure you don't point a target on yourself
Firstly they are str weapons so they have easier reqs for damage scaling. straight swords and other quality weapons have other benefits at the cost of two stats to level. straight swords do generally 20/30 (1h/2h) poise damage for 3.0 units of weight for an efficiency of 6.66/10, the maces are 35/52.5 at 4.0 units for an efficiency of 8.75/13.13 poise damage/weight, thats the same as a greatsword for 33% less weight. so the potential to stunlock is the same as a greatsword. (although range and moveset are obvious considerations too) I'd be willing to bet their swing speed is similar though :) I don't have numbers for shield breaking since stability is hard to calculate, but I'm sure its favorable. You can show this in a practical way by going to the spear hollows by the undead merchant, and doing a 2h heavy w/ a hammer. I believe it will break their block in one hit. one small point to make in favor of the short sword/axe/basic club. they are all 20/30 poise dealers @ 2.0 units of weight for an efficiency of 10/15! and they have faster swing speeds. the short sword does only 5% less damage than the straight sword, so its a pretty good deal. the scimitar is 1.5 units of weight vs the falchion's 2.5 and I believe it is also only 5% less damage, again with 20/30 poise damage. So for the weight in terms of stun lock and dps the scimitar is a pretty rad deal.