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She gives you reward for being kind
but after i got source from her, can i kill her?
No, she will appear many times later again.


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Yes. She only appears once more in Act 4 but gives no quests there.
I killed her in Fort Joy and she still appeared at Arx. I wish game bothered to explain how :/
Ressurection Scroll lol
Saheila may also appear on the nameless isle to ask Sebille to free the elves by killing the Mother Tree. Unsure where to find her afterwards though.
I think I have to see her in Arx to finish this quest because I was a little in the same stalemate as you, but if you click to follow the quest for "sebille" ("select" for the joystick), it says that the flag is not in this area, so I guess saheila is in Arx and finish this quest.
Hmm when talking with Tova I had option that I killed Saheila (and not Roost) but I totally don't remember doing that... oh well
So who took her eyes?
When escorting her, she can't be commanded to stay and will follow you wherever go. Your own character, however, will not follow her. So, I thought I could just sneak her all the way out of the sawmill playing as her alone. I saved halfway through then had to load back. On loading back, you're automatically returned to your main character, and so Saheila will come running all the way back. Just kill everyone at the mill before unbinding her.
and why does she have Arcane Stitch when she doesn't even have the required Hydrosophist 3?