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https://www.gamespot.com/articles/demon ... 0-6455205/

Among many other news articles/tweets you can find on the matter.

I bought Demon's Souls pretty late in its life, so I never experienced any online encounters of any sort, just the occasional message or bloodstain maybe. I did land a successful invasion as the Old Monk once but the player I was going to fight died on the way up the stairs. Too bad, but I got the Monk's Head Collar from the deal (that's another thing, there'll be NO WAY to get that item at all from here on unless you're a hacker or something).

Now more than ever the cries for a remake/remaster need to be heeded. Patch the game so we can get the Monk's Head Collar offline, that'd be good too.
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That's sad but the Server was really empy...i played few months ago on line....i never got invaded and i never saw any summon sign around all Boletaria....
Demon's Souls is fun even off line (or with no allies) but it's much more funnier if someone besides me is playing.....
Let's hope to see Demon's Souls on PS4....