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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Does anyone know how much this skills damages/scales?
Did you find out already ? I would like to know :)
it does around the same damage than a fireball to each ennemies who ENTER the area around the caster, if they are already near you they wont suffer, cast the spell and go into them wont work either
The damage of the tongues scales with Int, and is actually pretty decent. Good choice for close-range battlemage style builds. The tongues can also crit with Savage Sortilege, making this one of the few spells that can benefit from Enrage - cast this and any other buffs, like Master of Sparks, then pop Enrage and charge in with your beatstick.

Rather pointless bit of trivia, this skill also has a charge limit of 999, after which it will disappear. This won't ever happen during normal gameplay, but you can check it yourself in the game data. Why they didn't just make it -1 so that it never runs out I'm not sure.
-1 because it is negative, I bet the dev work with unsigned integers for faster calculations like bit shifts etc and what not. Basically, knowing a variable is unsigned (positive) allows for a lot more optimizations.
They don't use unsigned integers for varaibles. -1 is the standard for other skills with unlimited charge limits, and gets used in other places as well like as the cooldown on skills which do not recharge such as Time Warp. Flaming Tongues is a just a weird exception.
I'm not convinced this skill scales off INT.
I'm under the impression that Flaming Tongues procs weapon RNG statuses. My high WIT/low int pyro tank summoner is dealing lots of crit damage with this skill and I'm still wearing The Illuminator (50% chance to inflict Necrofire).
What it does on statistics terms?
cannot be crafted with the recipe it provides
Oh? Your approaching me.
Might be a nice combo with provoke.
Both the game and the wiki says nothing about what it actually does...