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buff wood elf plz zenimax
Best for a "Pilfer Build" in the game so far.!..

( ^.^)
Wood Elf Stamplar?
Why do you keep destroying every tool that night blades have? Now your deleting woodelfs and khajits 10% bonus damage from stealth. Here's an idea, just fkn delete the night blade class all together and get it over with.
Dumbest idea I have seen yet. Stam/Blade underpowered as is, now take away 10% stealth damage??? I am done, you not getting any more of my money.
So, first time poster, and probably last time, as my main Wood Elf is now a fashion model, and nothing else. For 3 years, I've only PVE. I WAS damn good at it, because my WE is constructed entirely around her stealth and stealth damage. She is now useless. I've been testing out this stupidity, once again, from ZOS. I was "detected", even by pleb NPC's, that I used to be able to damn near stand on. I've already posted on ESO's forums, as have so many. My post besides my descriptions, was a stern request, on how I go about getting my money back from my pre-purchase of Elsweyr. An expansion I shall no longer need, nor desire, since they've decided my main character isn't allowed to play the game anymore. THEIR decision, NOT mine, should be enough, to allow myself, and all effected, to DEMAND refunds for all Pre-purchases, and maybe even more. I will try and get everything I can, before dropping this garbage, like a bad habit.
Lol, “they decided my main isn’t allowed to play the game” you say, deciding that your main isn’t worth playing the game. This whole comment section is extra
yeah i think they had to mess with some things to make room for the necro class. trying to keep it all balanced not a dev so i dont know what was said. i dealt with it by using the race change tokens that were given out for free. i was pissed my DE lost his flame damage bonus and is imho useless because he can't decide magicka or stamina. also my understanding that if you want o suck at this game try and be great at stam and magicka on one character. I had to change my alter sorc to breton. it does suck getting an idea for a build and having it change. but this game is always changing. how many people were pissed when they made certain bad sets good? or when the transmutation system came out and you could change a trait? lots of people were pissed that they deconstructed/sold a weapon or piece of armor when they could now change a trait. start a new character and come back to your WE when you find an new idea for a build. took me a few months to find a new path for my DE but its fun.