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By Anonymous
fighting her is literally sisyphus
By Anonymous
So disappointing that the Licia character archetype never took off in FromSoft games. I love Patches, but the idea of a half-hearted religious grifter stinking up a dour and austere FromSoft world is hilarious.
By Anonymous
I attacked her and died, then she disappeared and items were on the ground. Maybe she fell after I died? Idk.
By Anonymous
Definitely in the competition for the hardest fight in the game. Not sorry she's dead.
By Anonymous
A few years ago I got a letter in the mail offering me the chance to get over $500 that a car insurance company owed me if I agreed to sign over 20% of the money to them first. I looked into it and found out that I could get 100% of that money for free quite easily by going to the states unclaimed property website. If Licia existed in our world she would have started a company just like that.
By Anonymous
Home of miracles (especially lightning) and dragon worship, which the helms have dragon statuettes, uses tree icons (in our case, charms), was under authoritarian rule, many people had to leave their homes, the name sounds familiar-Oops!
I was reminiscing about Leyndell from Elden Ring. Never mind me!
By Anonymous
If I, theoretically, killed Licia at Heides tower of flame, and I, theoretically, realised I needed the ring of prayer, which I, theoretically, realised the person I, theoretically, killed sells, could I, theoretically, use a bonfire ascetic at the bonfire above the dragon rider to change her sold items so she theoretically sells the ring despite her death?
By Anonymous
Not sure if you were speaking theoretically or not.
By Anonymous
Theoretically no.
By Anonymous
No, ben shapiro. No you cannot.
By Anonymous
.. in other souls games you leave your game and come back in for the loot to respawn, now I have done that and I'm locked out of an area?

This is a joke... goodbye 12 hour playthrough.
By Anonymous
Okay, upon reloading the game once more her stuff does appear and her set is sold by the nomad woman in Majula.. good thing I didn't delete the save out of irritation.
By Anonymous
Bro imagine deleting a save out of irritation
By Anonymous
Hmmm...Lindelt sounds awfully familiar to Lenydell
By Anonymous
Dang Lady must have 999 points in Vigor and Faith, How does an unassuming cleric lady in robes have tankiness surpassing Havel the goddamn Rock? Mercifully killing her is not too hard of a task if you have the stamina to constantly stunlock her since she has zero poise, one of the safest and easiest ways to kill her is to keep spamming attacks that pancake her or send her flying like Great Hammer/Ultra Greatsword R2s, provided you have the stamina to keep ragdolling her without giving her a chance to cast her spells and not run out of stamina before her damage-spongey-ass finally stops getting back up from the repeated pancaking
By Anonymous
The default cleric robes, Archdrake Robes, are surprisingly tanky so I assume she, being a Giga Cleric, has something even better.
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