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Do you have to complete the other 23 quests prior to this one being available? I have done 22/24 so far and it wont let me pick this one up from the notice board



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No, I had it available soon after starting. Have you gone into the Restricted Brassworks and found Assistant Zanon?
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i have now completed 23/24 quests but i still cant pick up this last one
I assume you've done the quest for Assistant Zanon in which you retrieve the Integral of Memory, since you now say you've done 23/24 quests. If so, just follow the guide to find the rest of parts. There are no quest markers or anything, its kinda part of the same quest as the one for Assistant Zanon, even though the game says its completed.
I had completed the Buried Secrets quest long ago. When I went in just now to find the part needed from there, it was nowhere to be found.
I had the same problem. Couldn't find the dynamo core anywhere.
What if u have the bug.. how you get rid of it?
Anyone struggling to find parts feel free to check out my YouTube playlist for all the locations - YouTube - Hazey Gamers
Suggested edit: It's not "Dynamo Core" It's called "Miniaturized Dynamo"

I found the miniature dynamo as part of the D"Buried Secrets" quest. I had so little storage space I destroyed it as it had no obvious practical use and kept using up valuable space. Can I still make the Precursor?


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chest piece loc: aldunz_base={{.744,.779,40}}, That is lower right hand corner of the map, in the passage way which leads to the boss. It is under a gear sticking out of the floor almost to the corner of the tunnel.
My issue is that the left hand is missing!