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not enough info, this is supposed to be a wiki, right?
Dude it even gives you lore.... wtf you talking about lol
You’re a daft one, aintcha?
the obnoxious tone of comments like this sucks so much
Uhh f*** these drop rates. You run through the same areas enough or more if you die alot. The risk with butterflies is generally high so the drop rate should be in the double digits or at least with 410 discovery. Poor design as usual.
You are foolish to expect an heirloom of the Blacksmith Deity to present itself to you so easily; your impatience ill deserves such a treasure.
To the November 2019 guy: fukn nerd
"poor design as usual" lmao if you hate dark souls what are you even doing here, veteran that you clearly are?
Ah yes. Because something that you only need one of can never have a low drop rate.



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.2% drop rate? It would be as fast to play through most of the game for the two Blue Slabs on a corpse and in a chest.
Since there are only two Blue slabs in the game (DLC also), It best to use one on an Enchanted weapon, and the second for a Magic weapon/shield.
your youtube guides are *****ing terrible change that lol the dislikes make me smile tho glad others agree
The slab in Royal Wood is nowhere near the Enchanted Ember. Enchant Ember is in Darkroot Garden, not Royal Wood. 2 different areas.
I believe they meant it’s in the same area as the Enchanted Ember would be in the future.
You have to remember, that Royal Wood and Darkroot Garden are almost point for point the same map in some places.
True. The way it's written though made me think the slab was found in Darkroot, not RW.
The Royal Wood IS Darkroot Garden. They're two different areas in game (because the Royal Wood, along with the rest of the DLC, happens in the past) but they represent the same place in the game world; when you first enter the Royal Wood, you're entering the area from what would be Artorias' Grave and the arena for the Sif boss fight. In the location where you find the Enchanted Ember in Darkroot Garden, you find a Blue titanite Slab in the Royal Wood.
no same place different TIME.
in the DLC you go back in time, pay attention.