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eh - distributing source to everyone is neutral/good imo. everyone's killing someone for some reason or another anyways, giving everyone source powers just resets the floor for levels. and given the propensity of heroes to rise up every so often in worlds like these, they'll never generally be reduced to apocalyptic wastelands, they'll end up alright in the end.
indeed... typical civilization problem, not a big deal
For the same reason I have choosen to return all source to the veil. It's reset too, but also fixes the veil so everyone can go on with their lives and not worry reality gets destroyed.
Fane's divinity ending is NOT the same as bringing the God King as some comments claim. He brings back the eternals but not the God King. For the mortal races it's sort of the same as they still get enslaved, but there's no covenant, the eternals rule together rather than having a sinlge tyrant. Almost everyone still hates you on Lady Vengance but the dialogue and the ending cutscene is slightly different. (for example if you gave Swornbreaker to the succubus lady she doesn't mind this ending, whereas she'd curse you if freed her only to get enslaved by the God King again on the God King ending)
Choosing my main character to not become divine at the end gave me the god king ending even though i never cooperated with the god king.
Same just happened to me. However, it's possible I killed "Vredeman" too quickly with Anathema so I'm about to try again.
So it's a little confusing and poorly explained. With no one accepting divinity, it gives the God King an in. You just need to accept divinity (thereby not giving into the Void) and then you make the choice what to do with that divinity after.
It's actually possible to skip Rex fight by lowering his hp and brusting him to death. That will completely deny the God king chance to in play with the Kraken and you just get to fight Lucian, Dallis and their escort will still be there so the fight will be as it should. But no difference to the ending, just a easier fight.
I expected more from these endings tbh.. everything depends on the last portion of the game.. Kinda dissapointing the game was really good (buggy as ***** tho) and these endings really fked it up
In the first phase (before the Kraken), you can actually teleport behind the throne - and none of the NPCs can get back there OR attack you. I bursted Braccus Rex, then Tactical Retreat / Phoenix Dive to get behind the throne. Heal, jump out, port an NPC back there, jump back in, burn the NPC. Rinse and repeat.
so let me get this straight: killing lucian (jackass) and dallis (main baddy in the whole game) and braccus (evil sorcerer who wants to enslave everyone with the god king), which is also the hardest option because you need to fight and kill EVERYONE at the end, only gives you the OK ending?? to get the good ending I had to surrender and basically do what I would have done if i had just stayed on fort joy? WHAT WAS THE POINT OF ANYTHING I DID?
You don't, just made a deal with the Doctor and he will kill everyone for you, then only need to kill him.
You're completely right about that, it is frustrating that the best ending is the one where it would have been better if you hadn't done anything at all. I noticed there was a HUGE loss of quality in story and adaptation when it got to Arx (similar to what we see in recent TV shows), just wasn't expecting it to extend to the endings....
Because it comes as a surprise that Dallis the Hammer actually was doing the right thing. It’s a plot twist similar to the Illusive Man in Mass Effect 3.
That doesn’t make it bad. The story subverted your expectations.
ur not supposed to get the "good" ending where everyone is happy and theres no war and no magic or fun. why would you want a whiteknight kingdom. did you really play this whole game through being a saint? if not, why you trying to be one at the end? you are supposed to pick to become the divine, get the OK ending, and get the foreshadowing of a future sequel possibility of you as a divine working with Malady, etc. to do her favor with the whole Demon situation. if you didnt notice, demons throughout the game are sorta not talked about and by far stronger than everything else/key to the plot, but theres no ending that really touches on them except the one where the demon army is used to crush the eternals/sworn. pick divine, be greedy, get the ending where everyone on your boat is happy. thats the "good ending"
Or do the Canon ending and let Lucien be the false Devine... Considering Eco Draconis takes place directly after this game.
Actually. Yes, I did play the game as a literal saint, I even got the achievement for being literally pure. I want my divine damned ending with Ifan by my side where everything is fantastic damn it.
No, I have to agree about one thing. It's bollocks that the Lucian ending turns out better than the one where you become the Divine. Sure, his plan could work in the short term, but generations later eventually someone would learn the truth that the Divine isn't truly divine anymore. We're supposed to believe that one Eternal would be enough to keep the lie from falling apart? Someone would test the "Divine" perhaps by once more unleashing vast quantities of death fog and discover that there are no more miracles left to save people, and maybe they'd even claim the life of the "Divine" in the bargain. The world would fall to war and strife, and no one would be watching for the tearing of the veil and the return of the voidwoken or the demons. That should be the Lucian ending, not that sunshine and rainbows crap.
Making Lucien the Divine is Canon to the later divinity game eco draconis
my guess is that it is larian bias towards a certain world view. The whole game seems a dig at religion and so no wonder that every ending that ends with a real divine protector has strife or tyranny. It is only the ending with no real god (atheism so to speak) that leads to happiness. Now it still has people believing in a divine, but of course in actuality there is no longer such a thing in the universe.
My thought exactly, might as well build a happy camp at Fort joy and made yourself comfortable instead of doing the hellish supposedly divine adventure with worse outcome than if you'd have done nothing..
So I pass the the entire game fighting Dallis, rebelling against the seven and doubting Lucian just to, in the end, they were right. Feels bad man.