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By Anonymous
Melfian Magic Academy = Raya Lucaria Grand Academy
"Astrologists believe that magical powers can be obtained at moments of special heavenly alignment" = Elden ring asteologist "A scholar who reads fate in the stars. Heir to the school of glintstone sorcery"

it's like poetry, it rhymes

By Anonymous
"Melfian Magic Academy cannot pull magic out of the sky"
How does this make sense comparing to Raya Lucaria academy which does pull from the void?
By Anonymous
Wait, could this be the origins of elden ring sorcery(like concepted). Astrologist in elden ring believed in this. The ideas are remarkably similar imo.
By Anonymous
I thought the same when I replay this game
By Anonymous
Not really. Fantasy has often tied astrology with magic long before ds2 and Elden Ring. Such a concept even exists in Final Fantasy.
By Anonymous
Just learned it's called the Moon Hat in SotFS because I was cross-referencing with my equipment.
By Anonymous
vivec set
By Anonymous
Squada-la! Abracadabra!