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Dorky, but charming at the same time. Really hocus-pocus-y looking for Dark Souls 2.
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Why does this wiki say Alonne Captain Set above the icons?
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By Maxinimum17
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The Alonne Captain Set Changed a lot in SoTFS, like, W O W
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It gives me the fantasia feels. I wish it didn't suck, but there really is better caster gear for every slot.
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as far a fashion souls goes, this is the best set in the game imo.
By Anonymous
Wizard 101 Fashion
By Anonymous
I loved that game
By Anonymous
It has the redguard sentinel symbol on the front
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So even the mighty melfian magic academy was unable to draw power from the stars. That's the ultimate evidence that astrology is nothing more than balderash
By Anonymous
That's exactly what a scorpio would say sksksks