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And now veapon have like two arrows icon 🔁. So anyone knows what it do or mean?


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I don’t know what you mean by 2 arrows. I don’t think I’ve seen that. However, you were right about going past plus 10. Once I beat the 100 Eyes in WotStrong, upgrading was allowed. I then went to WotDemon and now I have everything topped at plus 20. I assume I again need to beat Eyes to upgrade further? And equipment up to plus 19 are dropping like crazy in both co-op and solo play.

Note to peeps just starting: Best way to level up faster is doing co-op with a companion. Even if you fail, you don’t lose anything and you’ve no doubt racked up millions of Amrita. I joined a dude who was level 750 and I was level 325 for Grand Tournament. I actually survived and at the end had 483 million Amrita. Even at level 325 that was good for several levels. In a few days I’m up to level 350.

But, I really need to quit and get on to other games. :tongue:



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IIRC the circular arrows means you've changed the appearance of the item, or rerolled one of the stats. I'm leaning towards it being the "changed the appearance of" one, though.