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If nothing else this skill has an awesome animation. A giant flaming skeleton bursts out of a pool of blood, it's like a metal album cover.
***** yes mate
Literally the reason I use it lol
*devilhorns* the animation is great and its not so bad on melees (usually less magic armor and have to move to get to you)
Heal Jules and he'll give it to you.
Didn't they update this so it gives 20% less resistance to fire?
Yes at least according to the patch notes. Probably just forgot to add it here (and under the Bleed Fire status effect).
does the -20% fire resistance stack or nah?
so, when i apply burning to enemy, they automatically get -10% FR... if I apply bleed fire on top of that, does it add up to -30% FR?
after some testing, yes it stacks
surprisingly useful now the -20 on top of burning makes it really useful, it also can hit other charecters in area
I don't know why or how, but I've clicked Sir Lora (the pet following u) once accidentally and this skill was given all of a sudden.
Not that useful, as it doesn't do anything unless they have no magic armour :(
Sadly doesn't have much value since you need to remove magic armor to apply it, and it doesn't work with the Torturer talent. Doesn't even apply burning status or light flammable surfaces, ONLY applies bleed fire and fire resistance reduction.