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Do not take the ferry! It's a trap!!!

Also, if you fight him on the docks near Cloisterwood, be prepared for him to teleport your toons into the nearby deathfog. You've been warned.
You can always identify an autistic unemployed ****** because they use the word 'toon' for characters. **** kill yourself mate.
You can always identify an angry racist troll by his unnecessary use of language and his overcompensation of his own self-loathing through scapegoating. Note how this specimen uses derogatory remarks to simultaneously insult demographics of race, and disability. His use of the word "unemployed" implied that he has a job, and therefore believes this elevates him above his target, but also is a point of contention for him. This means that our subject most likely fears a lack of professional capability in himself, and sees little future beyond the base factory work that currently employs him. He also tells the target to "*****ing kill yourself mate." a sure sign of a troubled individual. recommended: delete his comment. seriously. please.
He takes you to the Island where he tries to rob you and insta kills you if u refuse to empty your pockets
Me and my gamer friends beat the hell out of this idiot after he tried to pull a fast one on us, he's definitely a dead ferryman now
Kill him by teleporting him in away from the fog.
Otherwise he may teleport you out away from the land
(this isn't my idea - i got this from Fox Fires on youtube)
It's not a trap if You are already dead.

Take a ferry by undead party member (Fane) alone, and gather team with pyramid.
hmmm. i just shot him in the face repeatedly with fane solo....and he allowed it...until he died...again
I took the Chris de Burgh approach, it worked.
Jokes on him I had the glowing idol of rebirth.
.....that didn't help me when he used netherswap and killed my character 2x in a row cause it died in the fog he made and was revived to die again in it!
They "fixed" this asshat somehow, now he just spawns the *****ing fog.