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has the behemoth free dlc ended? I just got the game 1 or 2 days ago and i really want to know.
Yeah it ended on the 6th of September
It will be back, so grind up your HR mean while
No it's still up
Gore Magala that is all...
This game has become a boring game with all those repeating same events and monsters. The monsters variants are just too limited and the map's just stopped there. Hoping for tundra map to return but i don't think capcom will.
They just did lol 2019


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Those first two sentences can be applied to literally any PvE-oriented game
Pretty sure they already announced Tundra DLC. You will get your hot drink on eventually. But I do agree that the variety is a joke in World compared to the handheld predecessors.
Gore Magala, Shagaru Magala, and Chaotic Gore Magala... MAKE IT HAPPEN PLEASE
Hey, I need your help to get some new monsters added to the game. There is a survey made for community wishes to dend to the devs:
f*****g lol. That is not how it works.
I need code red please
Please make Fatalis! This Elder Dragon is soo Epic & Awsome!!!
I hope they add mizutsune, zinogre, astalos, chameleos, gammoth, seregios, khezu and all magalas.
***** lunastra