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Honestly, I would like to see Amatsu added into the game
I want malfestio
Rajang will return and butt-NIBBLESNARF the noobs.
Personnally i would like a area similar to areas 9 to 11 from the jurassic frontier as our "nocternal" map, the rotten vale is our cave area and i think necrylla would fit perfectly in the vale. but back to the "Fungal Wastes" as i call this hypothetical area, the food chain would go like this using monsters we already have and adding in small monsters (from top to bottom) Nargacuga > Garuga > Malfestio / Nescylla > Kut-ku > Konchu. with Chamelos as this area's elder dragon and duramboros doing whatever he wants. Narga as Apex beacause he is the perfect ambush preadator, then into Garuga beacause i couldn't think of anything else. Malfestio and Nescylla are equals beacause they both have sleep and are fought as the HR 4 urgent quest for their respective games. Kut-ku, do i even need explaining, and Konchu, beacause both the vale and the coral highlands don't have herbivores, so Konchu are okay in this hypothetical ecosystem.
When Wil One of them This New Monsters Monster Hunter World
Lagiacrus,brachydios and the zinogre has to be back
Can Astalos please make a come back? He would be such a cool monster to fight and watch him have a turf war with something.
Is it all free?
yes, all dlcs are free
all monsters are
Maybe add a new weapon class like tonfa


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Tbh, I’d personally like a new defensive weapon that isn’t another damn Lance. Like, maybe just an enormous damn Greatshield with pretty much no offensive power but TREMENDOUS defense and taunting capabilities