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I like how the anon pic is still the dark souls one
I bought the deluxe set on the PS4 but it won’t let me claimed and I check if it installed and it is installed so help pls thx



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First off, please use proper English and provide as much information as possible. Second off, did you check with your housekeeper? That's how you claim bonus stuff like that in game.
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If your game sharing and the other person claimed it your SOL. Only 1 can get it
does any one know how to get the pre order samuri set. The housekeeper says i claimed it but i don't know where it is.
It's under "change appearance" if you examine your item box in your room. It's just a "skin" overlay for your armor and an actual set to equip.
If you go to the housekeeper there's a place where you can change the appearance of your armor. Your armor stays the same it just looks different
i cant wait to fight devilhjo
if the leaked super-list is real...us fans have found utopia
that or we're gonna reach enlightenment
Guys.... I eat ***.
U eat ****
Good to know...
Are they going to add Lagiacrus?
no, because they aren't gonna bring back under water combat
Nope, had problems with copyright from Jurassic park believe it or not
possibly in the future
Plus he was going to be able to ragdoll ajanath
now we got Kulve-Taroth on the way, we got the Treasure Dragon coming, only it's a seige boss like Zorah and Lao.... crap.