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By Anonymous
I laughed so hard I even brought it to the other NPcs it was hilarious
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
I picked the plant up and the first think I thought of was the Mandrake from Harry Potter. As soon as I broke the terrarium and picked it up, I died laughing. My dad came into my room to ask what was happening.
By Anonymous
Gee, I wonder if the Mandrake from Harry Potter has anything to do with the well-known mythical creature "Mandrake" that this skill is based on
By Anonymous
Possibly. But unlike the ones in Harry Potter, this mandrake scream as soon as you break the glass, not when unrooted. Besides, you're still alive and conscious, not being killed by its deafening scream immediately.
By Anonymous
Does it scale with any stat or is it just based on the caster level?
By admiralskippy1
I reloaded with different character eating the plant. The Magic Armour it removes is the same.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I finished the campaign with the flower in my inventory
By Anonymous
hardcore player ...