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You get this from a screaming flower in Arx
Pretty cool. Lohse's second skill if you like the immersion.
I dont know why the hell they invest time and work to create a worse skill of Blinding Radiance. If it cost one action point I would think about it, but why the f have the devs done this?
I see there's no counter to 'deaf' stat and it can be on top of blind, so the enemy will be a compete useless in the fight lol
it also removes magic armor where as blinding radiance does not and is stopped by magic armor.
And maybe some characters don't use aerotheurge?
just replying to the guy that says blinding radius doesnt remove magic armour, blinding radiance at my level does double the magic damage compared to this rubbish skill and it not only removes magic armour it also deals damage where as this skill does no damage what so ever. the only advantage this skill has is making an enemies turn later in the round, but that is a pretty useless skill anyway
Because it's funny, that's it, end of the story.
because for blinding radiance you have to spend stats while you don't for this
beware, if you eat the mandrake in combat, it does nothing.
Ifan's reaction after breaking the glass was brilliant.
"Gods make it stop"? Is that what you're referring to? Or did I get a worse one :D
I lold so hard when I came to this part in the game, even though all of the characters have the same reaction, Lohse's was the one that made me laugh the most.
Does pure magic damage and therefore ignores elemental resists which are plentiful in Arx enemies. Same for silencing stare and demonic stare.