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ive slain all the old ironclad soldiers and i lack the chest peice
You can always use a Bonfire Ascetic to respawn them, if you don't want to go to NG+ to do it (:
Do the covenant of champions instead of bonfire ascetics, it's easier and reversable



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One time I found the chest piece on the elevator for the first boss fight... luck or coincidence?
i always get the chest piece and nothing else
funny i killed that one ironclad at the breakable wall 20 times and used 2 rusted coins not a single drop
Why does this set even exist...
Early game backstab prevention
dude it lets you be a ****ing turtle
The set provides an important upgrade for melee fighters (ex: bandit's gloves are inferior to this set). Getting any of the pieces is a boost to survival and will be greatly appreciated by any new char trying to upgrade their defenses.