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By Anonymous
False King Allant > Gwyn in a matter of battle.
By Anonymous
I thought Gwyn was way harder. Good luck trying to heal against him.
By Anonymous
The lore & music of False King are awesome too
By Anonymous
how the hell is this posted on 2017?
By Anonymous
This is a demon souls wiki, demon souls has been out since 2008
By Anonymous
Having a boss capable of manipulating your SL is a truly frightening concept. I feel like a damn goof whenever he does it to me.
By Anonymous
Playing the remake, I passed the game for the first time and started over in the Nexus as usual and entered world 1-1. I stupidly died there and was transported back to King Allants throne room and had to defeat him again. I kept reviving back in the throne room until I finally defeated him and received 151,000 souls and now have 2 False King Demon Souls. I have to assume this is a glitch of some kind. Also, I can transport to the throne room now whenever I want and it just sits empty. Did this happen to anyone else?
By Anonymous
Yes and I'm trying to figure out why and I escaped and now i can't go back , so i guess I missed a good chance to get other sword again
By Anonymous
I think it happens when you get very close to him. It’s a jarring concept
By PrblyNot
This is a known glitch in the remaster. In certain situations, the game will store "number" of the archstone you last used, which was his (5th archstone). Then, if you didn't use any other archstone after entering NG+, the game will still think you were at the 5th archstone after you died.

This usually happens if you use an archstone (e.g. 4-4) to warp to an area (e.g. 5-1) , but force quit just before the area finishes loading. Then, this ensures the game stores the archstone
By PrblyNot
Oops, clicked submit before finishing. Continuing:

When you do that, the game stores the archstone number (4), but in the new world (5). If you die now, the game loads you into 5-4.

That's probably what happened to you. You were sent to "1-5" in NG+.
By TheSilverCrusader
This seems like a useful glitch, is there any confirmation that it's on the original?
By Anonymous
The Demonbrandt destroys this guy
By Anonymous
Even if you have pure black character tendency?
By Anonymous
with pure black tendency im asking why the hell are you even using the sword.
By Anonymous
Super Cheap Ranged Strategy doesn't work. :/
By Anonymous
if you mean the poison cloud strategy: it works. you need to wear the thief ring. I just did that.
By Anonymous
I didn't know this was supposed to be the last boss. I killed him before starting 3 other worlds
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By ClanChrischi
It would be clearer if they locked his tower behind the victory over the 4 other arch demons.
By Anonymous
All that for a bucket of Chicken
By Anonymous
Man, after all these years I expected him to be way harder than that. I killed him with the Secret Dagger and Lava Bow... Basically I just stayed far away to bait his power slide, rolled behind him, slashed away at his back, rolled backwards, repeat. If he began to charge his AoE, I switched to the Lava Bow (any bow is fine though) and interrupted it. Took about three minutes tops, only got minor damage from his projectile waves.

I feel like this game was not intended to have omnidirectional rolling. Either way, it suffers from the same flaws as DS2's bosses—just dodge backwards and practically nothing has the tracking to hit you. EZ
By Anonymous
yeah now beat him normally
By Anonymous
So first time facing him and I freaking one shot him with firestorm... very anti climatic
By Anonymous
It’s firestorm bud what did you expect. It’s OP and takes little to no skill to use.
By Anonymous
stop cheesing with magic