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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I'm absolutely sure that this does scale with Hydrosophist. I picked this skill up with 2 points in Hydro and healed around 500 per tick while my friend had 20 points in it and healed 2000 per tick.



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You are correct, someone changed the page to reflect otherwise. Just an annoying troll. I have corrected the page.
Restoration deals physical damage to undead. It removes their Physical Armor, which might be a bit counter-intuitive.


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Edited the page to reflect that.
Also, it provide another type of damage against undead for people who build a focused Tidalist
According to the Definitive Edition changelog, damage from Restoration (and other healing skills) to Undead (and Decaying) now scales with Warfare. It's not clear whether the damage scales with both Warfare AND Hydro. I would assume (and hope) it does.
I'm trying an interesting mixed-damage team that makes use of all the Strength-based Magic attacks (the polymorph earth attacks: Oily Blob, Medusa Head's attack, and Flay Skin) the Finesse-based Magic attacks (the magic-armor-destroying Chloroform and Gag Order), and the Int-based Physical Attacks (Necro). Meaning the physical damage dealers can contribute seriously to magic damage if needed, and the magic damage dealers can contribute seriously to physical damage if needed. The mages have Warfare to buff their shield throw, necro, and Decay heal damage.
Restoration doesn't say this in the skill, but it does remove burning.