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By Anonymous
“What’s gone wrong with embers these days?”
By Anonymous
walking **** character
By Anonymous
Vamos just told me to vamoose. im sad now :(
By Anonymous
We know nothing about him... Often forgotten, by the players... A tiny giant... May he be a... pigmy?
By Anonymous
Pygmy* sorry
By Anonymous
really fat pygmy
By Anonymous
I doubt it. I think if there were some furtive pygmy he wouldn't be so easily forgotten
By Anonymous
Gorgeous *** ngl
By Anonymous
THE most forgettable and missable NPC in all of souls
By Anonymous
missable maybe but not forgettable, man is burned into my memory
By Anonymous
I cant belive this character have literally no lore
By Anonymous
What's with his deep fried voice?
By Anonymous
I find it very funny that the dude named Vamos' first words to the player are basically "go tf away" given the meaning of his name. Wonder if they did that on purpose
By Anonymous
I thought this guy was gonna be a bossfight when that cutscene appeared, and I was worried because my health and estus was in the dumps. turns out it was a blacksmith and a lovely bonfire
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