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By Anonymous
... is there any way to get to him without jumping around? It sounds like there’s a pit of wheel skeletons that can kill vamos, so there has to be another entrance, right?
By Anonymous
actually there is not, as far as I know. Once you fall into his location he makes you exit by demolishing wall, that is why there is mention of bonewheels.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
thats a powerful stance vamos has in the thumbnail pic.
By Anonymous
Why did they use a toaster to record his voice lines?
By Anonymous
He's a skeleton, he vibrates his bones to be able to speak
By Anonymous
Why are DS players so dumb and expect a creature without any vocal cords to have a regular voice?
By Anonymous
"Be gone with you. You'll disturb the bees in my voicebox!"
By Anonymous
Whoever wrote this wants you to die you should definitely roll off the staircase or you’ll miss the platform.
By AtomicShards
I did it less than five minutes ago by walking. The first time I played, I tried to roll, and I died
By Anonymous
I second this...just tried both walking slowly and running (not sprinting) and both resulted in missing the platform and dying. Just tried with rolling both off the staircase and off the first platform and it worked like a charm. I wonder if it's a case of original vs. remastered? I'm on the remaster.
By Anonymous
I made it just barely by running on the remaster. If you walk you'll definitely die, not even get remotely close to the platform.
By Anonymous
Y̶̧̛͠O̡̕U̵̴'̸̢L̴̷L̸̛ ̨̛͜S͏̴̧͟P̸̸͟O̸̡͠I̢̨̛͝L҉̛ ̡͢͠M̷̡͞Ý̴̶̡͞ ̧̧̡̕F̵̸̨͢O͏̷̶̢́C͏̢͠U̢͠S҉̵̷҉
By Anonymous
You'll spoil my focus!
By Anonymous
Anyone else get the feeling that the elusive blacksmith deity is in fact Vamos? He seems to be trying to keep a low profile, and the Royal helm seem's to relate to Anor Londo. And the blacksmith deity would likely know how to use the chaos ember, as he was alive when the primeval lords were in power. The only other connection I can make is his stature, but he's not far from the tomb of giants, so that's not really solid evidence. Any other ideas?
By Anonymous
That's a good theory - another is just that he's a Gyrm (as seen in DS2)
By Anonymous
Another theory is that the skull in Ash Lake belonged to the legendary blacksmith deity. It's on YouTube. I forget the name of the video.
By Anonymous
they rushed me and 3 were in the corridor before i could react. i fireballed and accidentally made him hostile. i hate this game sometimes
By Anonymous
so the boney tentacles on his face were his beard? HIS BEARD HAS BONES?! or his bones are hairy..? hmmmmm
By Anonymous
Hail Cthulhu!
By Anonymous
his hair is boney
By Anonymous
I accidentally started to fight him then killed him. Any tips i have both embers and can’t do shut
By Anonymous
Better luck in NG+, he's gone.
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