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By Anonymous
Sharp bonk
By Anonymous
Best Weapon For SL1 Run!!!
By Lux_the_Lost
Easily my favorite early weapon, and my usual go-to for Divine reinforcement because it breaks those skeletons so hard (a 2-handed R2 will break down even a giant one and give you ample time for a follow-up). I don't recommend it for more dedicated Strength builds, but it can easily carry your butt through most of the early game.
By Anonymous
If intelligence and dexterity are not your thing, the club still remains as the ultimate killer argument.
By Anonymous
Ooga booga me krush lil dexteriti sorsara wif tis sharp bonk!
By Anonymous
Removes the tedium from fighting the Stray Demon early on with that bleed bonus. Not nearly as efficient as the bandit knife for this purpose but a serviceable backup if you don’t have 12 dex. Also any class can use it two handed.
By Anonymous
The best weapon is a club you can buy in the first area. What a great video game
By Anonymous
Except it’s only the best for SL1
By Anonymous
zweihander better
By Anonymous
i just finish ds & ds3 with this weapon. In ds 1, it's slower than in ds3 but still great for strength build. This is really great weap, simple and ez to get, but need to care about range
By Anonymous
Don't underestimate this little prickly bonk. A reliable very effective weapon for strength-oriented builds and can be obtained right at the start of the game. This weapon has served me well, especially against armored opponents. I prefer the normal path as an upgrade so I can buff it with fire / lightning / magic / poison. By the way, in my experience, the 2H R2 jump attack can hardly be parried by any opponent. Praise the Bonk!
By Anonymous
say goodbye to your kneecaps, chucklehead
By Anonymous
Is it good for a cleric? My next build will be cleric, I wonder if it's a good choice.