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best weapon soul level 1

Reinforced Club Lightning +5



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Blacksmith Giant Hammer +5 has more lightning dmg I think
Reinforced club is still better. While the Giant hammer has 56 more lightning damage, it has a lot less physical damage making it a couple points weaker in total AR, does not causes bleeding, and can't be 1 handed at SL1. Overall the larger lightning value doesn't make up for the things it lacks.
Chaos Reinforced Club +5 with 10 Humanity has 505 AR, 236 Physical and 269 Fire, whereas Lightning Reinforced Club +5 has 484 AR, 242 Physical and 242 Lightning. If you were to use this weapon in PvP, Chaos would be better if you are going to be parrying and riposting, otherwise use Lightning since Lightning Defense is less common than Fire Defense.
Way better than that sh*tty piece of metal attached 2 a pole called the mace, imo!
Nah, don’t like it, half the time i feel like my hits aren’t connecting when they should b in pvp, its as if range is almost non existent with this weapon bit of a shame tbh! :/
One of the best weapon if you want to do a low SL run : bleeding bild up, high damage when infused, blunt damage.
how the hell is this better than the morning star its barbed wire on a stick
and Great Club is much better than Demon's Great Hammer lol
He wasn't even talking about those weapons what? Lol.
Moveset is pretty boring and not very versatile, but good damage, low reqs, and bleed make it a must-have for SL1 runs. Also just generally a powerful weapon to start off with for strength builds.
Boring? Not the way I use 'em!
Good for killing Havel and Taurus Demon, but nothing else.
get a load of this ****in clown
he is not a clown he is whole circus
Hidden gem.
I love this thing. Guaranteed jump attacks, bleed, infusable, breaks shields, great damage to weight ratio, and not too slow granted you don't miss. If you know what you're doing this thing is the ol' reliable for those either low strength or middling on most stats.