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Combine with Unstable?
Would work. But then your kinda forcing one of your team members to be a blowing bomb instead of anything else.
dmg? 3 turns so long >.>


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It's not that long when trying to bring down bosses on hardest difficulty
Damage is absolute*****. And it has so many conditions, I don't know what Larian was thinking when balanced this spell.
Superior spell! Massive fire dmg in the large radius!
Found a skill book in the sewers of Arx in a treasure room (X:300 Y:600) after a fight with some people. Trying to avoid spoiling some story...
Does this skill scale with INT? Or just pyro?
It does scale with int!
this damage is tiny .-. at least the burning it inflicts is high?
the damage showed by the tooltips is wrong, for me it say around 450-583 but in combat it does around 2800-3100
This skill is crazy good now after the patch. High damage, about twice as much as Fireball, but only costs 1AP and applies through magic armour. One of the best spells to open a fight with, just cast it on an enemy that you teleport into a group and blow them all up. This + Throw Explosive Trap + Bleed Fire is one of the most AP efficient damage combos in the game now.
to give a idea about his dmg : lone wolf lvl 18 with 85 INT and 12 in pyrokinetic it did around 3000 dmg (not even a critical) and this for 1AP cost, i did nothing to make my target weak to fire or anything like
Sounds OP
Easily one of the best spells in the game. Does insane amounts of damage and only costs 1 AP. The only downside is that the damage is delayed and the target might approach you/a teammate before they explode.
another downsides is the huge cooldown and need to be lvl 16 to buy it, also this spell explode when the target FINISH HIS TURN not need to wait 3 turns