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Does it actually explodes when durability goes very low? like the ring that blows when you receive attacks??? Im curious if anyone has ever seen it do something like that, I've tried but it seems to be a normal shield
no it doesnt
best shield in the game
By far, the best shield in the game and mostly overlooked. It took me 5 characters and more 600h in the game to finally try it and appreciate it. It does not explode and as a matter of fact, it never broke, at least until now NG++. I used to hold Drangleic shield but this is far better. I'm not the tanker / greatshield style so it suits well my Hex-Dex build.
Drakekeeper is better due the lower requirements and wy higher durability
This information is incorrect. Dark +10 on a Old Knight Shield doesn't give you 91. If it did, this shield would be the best shield in the game.
What is the percent of getting this shield to drop?