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perhaps this is broken in some way? I tried using onslaught and it broke instantly, doing very little damage.
Dont be jebaited. This sword is a bad joke to use, maybe not intended, but it's as good as your bare hands. lol
I mean, its only specific special focused use is like the tip notes said, plus one more action point to change your weapon again. It should be named Sword of Glass.


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It seems you need to have str physical build to put this weapon to a good use, yes?
actually useless they build it up like its some amazing weapon and then during the final battle i waste an ability on it and it breaks.
what a blue balling moment when you realize this***** can only be swung once.
You blue-balled yourself by not being able to read.
it has one brittleness and Tarquin, in-game, tells you it can only be used once. Your complaint says more about your reading comprehension than the item itself.
MIssed then broke.
this is the best thing I read in a while
This does NOT work with Onslaught (as of 2/21/18). It breaks on the first strike.
what a waste. they shouldve made this very difficult to obtain but if you did you could one shot one of the final bosses. or at least one shot after Physical Armor is gone. its literally useless lol even buffed its useless i do more damage with my gahddamn Tentacle Lash....
In a good game, they would just let you use the friggin' sword.
this is a good game, and they let you use the sword, coincidence?
They built it up like it is THE weapon that can kill Braccus Rex. When it didn't get through his armor I reloaded and waited for his physical armor to be 0 then used it and still barely scratched him. So STUPID.