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Looking for a good Summoner Guide? Come check out our Druid Build Guide and let us show you how to optimize for best results!

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If anything, the build is better on Lone Wolf. Halves the minimum point cost for the incarnate champion, which opens up potentially 5 additional points to spread elsewhere. A control-focused mage wants optimal memory with a toolkit specced for any possible contingency: earthquake, thunderstorm, global cooling... a veritable slew of skills to best fit the situation.

It's unnecessary to slot EVERY infusion at all times. Basic deduction is enough to choose a top three or four for any given situation for first-time players. For anyone else... it doesn't take much to remember the type-match-ups in any given area of the game. The rest of a druid's toolkit can be specced with miscellaneous spells that cover their allies' weaknesses.

Again, easier to pull off in Lone Wolf, but for the average druid? Well, life's about choices. I'd personally eschew Warfare in favor of Huntsman for the Geomancer combo skills. A spread of 10 Summoning, 3 Aerothurge, 2 Hydrosophist, 2 Geomancer, 2 Huntsman, and 3 Polymorph (level 20 + All Skilled Up) hits all of the major points. You grab an incarnate champion, chain lightning, pressure spike and global cooling, vaporize and skin graft, earthquake and throw dust...

But yeah. The options are limitless. I wanted to point out that alternatives exist, that you don't have to be a buff bot for optimal results. Summoning is a huge commitment, and whether or not it's worthwhile is a completely different question, but working around 10 sunken points while trying to maintain a decent build sometimes looks like an act of futility.

It's nice to see the effort put into this tho; keep it up! I've been enjoying the series of guides immensely.
"Druids don’t deal much direct damage, but when they do, they want their spells to hit as hard as they can…thus the Intelligence." There's literally not a single damage spell listed in the build that stacks with intel... Am I missing something?


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The intelligence increases the damage of Spells and Scrolls for an addition 5% per level. So at that point (with a 35 int from the first picture posted), the character would be doing an additional 170% damage for spells.
Hello, I just finished the game for the first time and I'm eager to start my second walkthrough. In the first one, I used this party combination:

Magick Archer (Custom)
Battlemage (Fane)
Juggernaut (Red Prince)
Crystalline Cleric (Beast)

I know it's probably not an optimal combination but it was working for me. However, I'm just a casual player who is playing the game on Classic Mode so I guess the game was sparing me ;) My question is: I really like Druid and Stormcheaser builds, but I'm not sure which builds I should pick for the rest members of the party. So I was thinking about this:

Eternal Warrior (Custom Dead Human)
Druid (Sebille)
Stormchaser (Lohse)
Some Ranger's builds, probably "Ranger" (Ifan)

What do you think? Please, let me know if this combination is not a good idea or if you think that this could work. I'm open to any recommendations and tips! Basically I'm looking for a different experience in the second walkthrough and both Stormchaser and Druid look like really fun builds to play.

Thank you very much,


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So I need some help figuring out what to make Lohse. I'm going with a primarily physically focused party, with the following members:

(MC) Fane: Summoner/Support (Likely your Druid build)
Sebille: Either Sanguine Bowman or Warden build(I tried Warden before in a previous party and she rarely seemed to be needed in close combat)
Beast: Duelist
Lohse: ???

I'm not sure what I should do with her. I feel like a tank would be useful for the group, but I have no idea how to maximize her effectiveness in that role, especially as she won't be the MC for the group. Any suggestions?